End Point Manager and Grandstream GXP2140/GXP2200EXT

I’ve spent the day learning and reading about End Point Manager. I have it doing most of what I want and its great. What I have not been able to figure out, is the programming for the expansion module attached to a GXP2140, which is a GXP2200EXT unit. I have configured my template and chosen the 2140 and 2200 in that template. I’ve tried to program some of the buttons and displays but I do not see anything on the sidecar unit when I reboot the phone and apply the configuration. What am I doing wrong? The phone is mapped correctly and changes to the phone occur, but not the GXP2200EXT unit.

In extension mapping of EPM do you have the expansion module selected under advacned

I did not. I didn’t catch that part of the set up. I have it checked now, I made some changes to the template and saved it. When I restarted the phone, the changes were not there.

I deleted the phone, did a network scan and added it back, selecting the phone model and template that I created for it.

I then went to Extension mapping and selected the phone, with to the advanced tab that I didn’t see before and made sure that the Expansion Module option was selected for GXP2020EXT-1 was checked. I clicked on the Rebuilt/Reboot option and closed the box. I am not sure if I need to Save and Rebuilt first, then do a Save and Reboot. I’m trying to understand it all, read the documentation, etc.

I think the key is the order of the process which I’m still trying to figure out.

But so far, nothing I do seems to work. I do have programming in the phone itself. Should I need to wipe the phone completely and try again?

Well I’ve had a really frustrating day with End Point Manager. I can’t find good documentation on the process, Am I missing something? I guess I expected it to just work.

I have 3 phones on my desk and at times, some of the changes work, some do not. All current firmeware Grandstream Phones. GXP2130, 2140 and 2160. I set up the 2160, programmed one BLF key, and since then, no matter what I change in the template, nothing updates when I save it, rebuild it, and the apply it.

I have never been able to get the GXP2200EXT to work with the GXP2140. It was the sold reason I sold EPM to the customer. I don’t want to call Tech support, I should not have to pay for what should be a documented process that I would follow. Yes, I have no attended a class, maybe that is what I am missing, but I’ve been programming one variation or another for a few years now. I have 25 years of Panasonic Key programming behind me. I just didn;t expect this to be as frustrating.