End Point Manager 12 Mitel Devices Almost Perfect but Labels not sending

I can confirm as of FreePBX 12 the latest versions of the End Point Manager work for great for the following Mitel phones: 5224, 5312, 5212 and the 5330. The provisioning and BLT functionality works great. Mitel phones are so easy to setup and configure now!

There are only 2 issues that we have found with the latest version of End Point Manager: the LCD Labels and the Default Buttons that appear.

The label issue is the main issue but I think it is just a setting in the 5330 base file that needs to be updated.

With the Mitel 5330 (it is a phone with LCD’s for each button) the Labels do not get added to the phone for each button. Currently End Point Manager is setting the label to the value field not the label field… The buttons work great on the phone but it is just no displaying properly.

I think it is a problem with the Key tags in the XML basefile:

<Key Line="25" Fea="__b1Type__" Des="__b1Value__" Addr="__b1Value__" Addr2="" Mode="1" Mode2="1" UserID="__b1Acct__" />

The Des attribute sets the LCD Label on the phone I was thinking of trying:

<Key Des="__b1Label__"/>

The maintainer of the End Point Manager could update the Mitel base files for phones with LCD labels and they would be perfect.

We don’t mind being guinea pigs for this as we have a 5330 to test with.

The secondary issue is that there are a few default buttons that appear on the phone but they do not function properly:

Call Logs

It is weird and I am not sure if it is End Point Manager related or not but I assume it is.

Also we have old school line based buttons working with out config for mitel phones where the buttons light up when a line is in use and you can click the button to dial out using a specific line. That involves modifying 1 or 2 asterisk config fiels but it is super simple so I will document that in another post.


Our company is wanting to switch from a Mitel 3300ICP to FreePBX sometime around November 2017. We have about 80 Mitel 5235 Phones and a handful of 5212s and 5224s. While our long term plan is to upgrade to NEW gigabit Grandstream Phones, we need to get started and utilize the Mitel phones.

I have set up a proof of concept FreePBX Server in a lab environment to experiment with.
I have purchased the Advanced Manager Module.
I have purchased the End Point Manager Module.
I have converted 3 of the 5235 phones to SIP.
I have converted 1 of the 5212 phones to SIP.

I have gotten the phones to work/register with FreePBX to where they will call each other, by accessing the WEB management of the phone and manually configuring it.

I CANNOT seem to get the phones to auto provision with the EPM. I realize it is possible the 5235 may not work at this point as it is not supported yet??? I assume I should be able to get the 5212 to provision…

The config download file from the web gui of each of these phones is almost exact… you would think they both should work except for the first line where the phone type is different.

Any help or coaching would sure be appreciated. I have high hopes this is doable, I REALLY do not want to have to manually program the entire company.

Thanks in advance…