End Point Configuration Manager (IP address of phone sever)

In FreePBX I have unexpected results when creating a template.

My expected result is for the reg.1.server.1.address to be set to a new address after I have used the Configuration Manager to change the IP address of phone server using the Global Overrides.

The actual result is the reg.1.server.1.address is still set to the OSS Endpoint Advanced Settings.

The steps taken to create the template:

  1. Navigate to OSS Endpoint Template Manager in the Web Administration.
  2. Create a new Template name cloned from a Polycom SoundPoint IP 650.
  3. Click on the pencil icon to edit the template.
  4. Click on the pencil icon to Edit Global Settings Overrides.
  5. Fill in a different IP address for IP address of phone server.
  6. Click on Update Global Overrides.
  7. Click on Close Window.
  8. Click on Save Template.
  9. Navigate to OSS Endpoint Device List.
  10. Click the pencil icon for Edit of the phone whose template I wish to update.
  11. Change the template from the dropdown box to the newly created template.
  12. Click on save.

Upon completion of these steps, the reg.1.server.1.address line in the reg.cfg file is unchanged.

Changing the specific setting of the phone and unchecking “FreePBX Controlled” works, but this is a phone by phone solution which defeats the purpose of the template.

Am I correct in my thinking that my steps should produce my expected results or is this accomplished another way?

If I am correct, should this be filed as a bug?

Thank you for your feedback.

EDIT: Corrected spelling