End Point Configuration Manager - Advanced Settings Question

Greetings all;

I am still learning how all this works with Asterisk and FreePBX, so please try not to rip me apart with my noob questions. With that being said, here are my questions:

  1. is it possible to replace the requested “IP address of phone server” field with the DNS name of the phone server instead? I believe I suspect the answer is no, but would appreciate a confirmation of this.

  2. We are currently running FreePBX v2.9.0.7 at the moment. My configuration is rather complex at the moment, as we are attempting and succeeding in some aspects to migrate from a high-avail dual server setup to a virtual machine setup utilizing VMWare ESXi. We have overcome the initial issue of problems resulting from the Backup/Restore module, but I have run into an issue where I am unable to modify the MAC address(es) from the restored extensions. Any attempts to input the new MAC and save changes causes the extension to revert back to the old MAC address. Thoughts on this?

I truly appreciate any comments and/or suggestions the community may offer to me regarding this.

Kevin Butler

  1. A properly configured DNS server should allow that. Where exactly are you asked for “IP address of phone server” ?

  2. We would be interested to know why the MAC address changed omn your extensions,

  3. You need to give a lot more information regarding your particular deployment. . .