End Point/Aastra aastra.cfg changes

Not sure where to send this, so I thought I’d post it here.

I’m using FreePBX

Also, End Point Manager with Aastra (Package Last Modified [11-10-11 at 11:39am])

The aastra.cfg that comes w/ Endpoint includes:

sip proxy ip: {$server.ip.1} # IP address or FQDN of proxy

sip proxy port: 5060 # port used for SIP messages on the

sip registrar ip: {$server.ip.1} # IP address or FQDN of registrar

sip registrar port: 5060 # as proxy port, but for the registrar

sip registration period: 3600 # registration period in seconds

sip registration timeout retry timer: 30

sip registration retry timer: 30

sip registration renewal timer: 2

These lines aren’t normally commented-out. I have commented-out my lines because otherwise the global overrides only work on Line-1 on my 9143i phones.

Here is what happens if those lines aren’t commented-out: The aastra.cfg file contains End Point’s global settings, but the mac.cfg files contain the global override settings. But the mac.cfg files only contain the global overrides for Line-1. So on my 9143i phones, Line-2 and Line-3 use the settings from the aastra.cfg instead of reusing the settings from Line-1 in the mac.cfg file for Line-2 and Line-3.

This is important when trying to setup some phones for in-house use, and other phones for outside use.

By commenting-out the lines above, all the lines 1…3 get setup for either End Point’s global settings, or the global overrides.

Does that makes sense?

I suppose I could have edited the mac.cfg and duplicated the Line-1 section and made a Line-2 and Line-3 section. It just seemed like less work to do it like I did.

So should the official aastra.cfg files be edited to remove those entries? I don’t know. I just thought I’d point-out my experience.