Encrypt SIP traffic

Hi All
I need to encrypt traffic to and from external sip clients.
Any help?

SIP is only the signalling, RTP contains the bearer traffic or VoIP.

You did not tell us what version of Asterisk you are using. Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX 2.9 includes TLS support for RTP.

Sometimes the easiest way to encrypt is with a VPN.

I am using Aterisk 1.8 and freepbx 2.9
but still can’t find the option to enable tls with sip
can u guide me?

The encryption and transport fields are exposed on SIP extensions in FreePBX 2.9.

Here is an Asterisk tutorial on TLS:


Since you are running FreePBX don’t modify the config files directly, use the custom files.

No step by step tutorial exists. It’s a new feature in Asterisk that few FreePBX users have any experience with.

If you get it working you could support the project by writing the documentation and submitting it to us.


i did review this link
but asterisk srtp must be enabled before compiling asterisk

Maybe SIP/https is more powerful
why not?
Like the rpc/https (outlook anywhere)
You can implement a sip/http proxy and and ecrypt this tunnel with ssl
and then this proxy can handles all the https request that are in reality sip requests and converts it to a real sip traffic and then sends it to the sip server.

This is very helpful