Enabling Find Me/Follow Me causes extension not to ring

On latest beta with all module & system updates.

I noticed an extension not working correctly and believe I have tracked it down to whether Find Me/Follow Me is enabled (i.e. it works if this is disabled). Here are my settings for this extension:
Initial Ring Time: 3
Ring strategy: ringallv2
Ring Time: 20
Follow-Me List: 6
Announcement: none
Play music: Ring
CID prefix:
Alert Info: none
ringer vol override: none


More troubleshooting shows that I receive same behavior (no ring) if the feature is enabled with strategies ringallv2*prim or ringall. As soon as this is disabled the extension works. So for now I’m just having the inbound route go to a ring group.

FYI this is still the acting condition (at least for me).

You aren’t going to get any meaningful help without a call trace.