Enabling DPMA in EPM results in an error on a new freePBX 16 distro install

I got this error on a new freePBX 16 distro install, once I enabled DPMA in EPM. I had to do fwconsole chown to solve it.
EPM enable DPMA

It could be related to another problem though, so maybe the module updates did not properly complete


Yet, I doubt it, because I had a similar error on another machine…

This looks like some permission issue, did you tried fwconsole chown ?

deleted my previous answer…wrong thread…

Yes, I solved it with fwconsole chown, but this was a virgin … just did the module updates before…

I was able to reproduce the error on a freePBX 16 distro I just installed. This time I did not use the web-gui to update the modules, instead I did fwonsole ma updateall.
Yet, the error occurred again, once I enabled DPMA in EPM.