Enabling CID Prefix for Follow Me extensions but not on originating extension

We enabled the CID prefix on an extension and the user would like to not see the attached CID Prefix when they receive incoming calls but would still want their assistant to see it. Is there a way to configure the CID Prefix so that this is possible?

Create a ring group with only the assistant’s extension number, config the CID prefix and failover to ‘terminate call - hangup’. Config FMFM without CID prefix, and using the ring group number in the FMFM ext list (you may require a # suffix). Expect your CDRs to be messy as a result.

I don’t think we’d want the CDRs to be affected. Thank you for the feedback, Lorne. I will see if I can submit this as a feature request. Thanks again for your time.

Since you are the first person I can recall with this request, I doubt a feature request will get much attention unless you code it yourself.

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