Enabling BLF on GXP2140 Makes Phone Unavailable for Incoming Calls

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am a hobbyist/end user, not a tech guy.

I have the current FreePBX newly installed and up and running in my small office. I am trying to replace Grandstream GXP2000 phones with GXP2130 phones,

If I enable BLF on the programable keys of the GXP2130, the BLF function seems to work in that the soft keys accurately show the status of the other lines and dialing out works fine. However, incoming calls (from internal or external phones) fail and the error message says “the user at extension 101 is on the phone.”. As soon as I disable BLF, the problem disappears and incoming calls ring the phone just fine.

The “enable call waiting” option in “Advanced Settings” of the extension doesn’t seem to do anything.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

You might try upgrading the phone firmware. I can’t imagine such a failure would be a result of a misconfiguation, this sounds like a phone bug to me.

Thanks, Lome. It didn’t work with the earlier firmware, so I upgraded to the latest. Same problem.

I’m not sure this issue is with your BLF keys on the phone, can you try to remove BLF and see if the issue persists.

I would say that your phones are being marked as Busy by…? see some logs.

Thanks for the reply.

With the softkeys left to null (default) the phone rings normally.

As soon as I program any of the Virtual Multi-Purpose Keys to do anything - speed dial, BLF, anything - when the extension is dialed, a very short ring (maybe 1/10 of a second) is immediately followed by a message “The person at extension 101 is on the phone.”

I’m trying to figure out how to read the logs now.

Wow. i have now the same issue with the same model phone, did you ever got it working?

I tried factory resetting etc.

I guess my next step would be to delete and create the extensions again.

I have found that Grandstream likes to have at least one key per call. If your user needs to transfer, then 2 will be required. Set the first two buttons to either default or Line and leave the other fields blank.