Enable transfer/conference in webrtc phone?

have those features been enabled, yet? just wondering, as I’m pushing the beta out to customer service users.

Sorry, just wondering if those features already exist, or are being developed.

Transfer/Conference are not part of the underlying framework. Sorry.

As you can see, hold has not even been implemented: https://github.com/versatica/JsSIP/pull/178

That is the issue with WebRTC nobody has finalized the specs or process yet for most items. Things like Hold, Transfer and Conf do not exist. I am amazed most days normal calling works.

I also would think that caution needs to be applied in a production environment.

We’re testing it with a select few agents. If we can prove this model - even possibly using FOP2 for operation - I can move my customer service agents to Chromebooks.

Normally I wouldn’t ask this type of question but I didn’t see any roadmap or milestones on the public pages for freepbx, but they were on the video, so I had to ask.

Thanks for the response!

“but they were on the video”

what i meant was, the features were shown on the video… just to clarify

thanks again!

The buttons were shown, yes, but there was no activity with them