Enable internal extension call recording in Panasonic PBX

I have a Panasonic PBX TDE600 device that has the SIP trunk ability and license. I can record the calls in a SIP trunk so practically I can record inbound/outbound calls between the Panasonic extensions and external extensions that have been connected to the trunk but also I need to record the internal Panasonic extensions. So I thought that if I make the internal extension calls to use the SIP trunk it can be done. I was wondering if this is possible at all?
If it is not do you have any other suggestion about how can I record calls between extensions?
P.S. I know that I can use a voice mail device like TVM for call recording but that would force me to use its external software and it would break my setup.
Thanks in advance.

Unless the calls are traversing the SIP trunk (and calls within the Panasonic shouldn’t), I can’t think of an easy way to make that happen.

So is it possible to record calls between internal extensions? Are there any standard methods for recording? I’ve noticed a feature called “Two-way recording” does it help?

In Asterisk - yeah. the system controls recording in all directions and for all extensions and options. The problem is that you can’t record a call on the Asterisk PBX from the Panasonic to the Panasonic because the call never leaves the Panasonic.

Yes, that is my problem. Panasonic has this guide about an internal ESVM but there is no documentation like how to activate it and how to access the recorded files. I found some commercial products that connect directly to the device with CSTA protocol and access the recordings but I can’t figure out how they work.

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