Enable/Disable OR Add/Remove External Phone Number from Ring Group

Hello and thank you for your input. I searched for an answer but could not find what I was looking for. I am a newbie who set up a simple config freePBX at our small business. Incoming calls are routed to a ring all ring group. If I am away from the office but still on premises, I can add my cell phone to the ring group using. 1234567890#. So, my cell phone rings if there is an incoming call. This works great, but the only way I know how to do this is to edit the ring group by adding my cell phone number, and then update the configuration. When I’m back in the office, I have to remove my cell phone number from the ring group. Ideally, I would like to be able to basically enable and disable this cell phone number from my IP phone in the office using a code or even DS key assignment. This would allow other users to perform the same task. Is my explanation clear? If so, how do I go about this? Many thanks!

There are a couple of options for you here.

  1. You could get a Softphone app for your cell phone and enable/disable it on the cell phone.
  2. Find Me/Follow Me is the second option and that’s configured under each individual extension.

One thing to consider if you add your cell phone under Find Me/Follow me under your extension is that your extension would need to have a # at the end of it in the ring group for the ring group to utilize the Find Me/Follow me settings.

Use Call Flow Control and create a BLF key on your desk phone. Enabled and lit: it goes to Ring Group 1, which includes your cell phone. Disabled and unlit: it goes to Ring Group 2, which doesn’t include your cell phone.

Thank you both for your suggestions. Kierknoby, per your suggestion, I looked into flow control, but it seems that I would need multiple toggles if this was to be used by more than one user. this post seemed to be a relevant supplement to your advice. Igor, my boss is going to resist installing another app, but it’s a good idea IMO. I looked into the Find Me Follow Me and that looks promising as well, but I am always looking for one click options for my boss. For simplicity, I went with what was comfortable for me and added a menu item to our business manager app to add/remove cell phone from ring group. I did this by updating the ringgroups.grplist field in the asterisk db directly from my client app. While this seems to work just fine, I don’t have enough experience to know if this includes risks that I am not aware of. Feedback? Thanks!

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The toggle to enable/disable Find Me/Follow Me on an extension is *21. As long as you have your cell phone configured inside of the Find Me/Follow Me settings on the extension you can turn it on per extension by either dialing that feature code for your PBX phone or creating a button on the phone with that feature code.

Thanks Igor. I tried the FMFM and it works if the extension is dialed directly. (can this be changed?) This won’t do what I am attempting. The cell phone(s) ring as part of the ring group the way I have it set up currently.

Find Me Follow Me works in a Ring Groups as well. If you click on the help icon next to “Extension List” it says:

List extensions to ring, one per line, or use the Extension Quick Select insert them here.

You can include an extension on a remote system, or an external number by suffixing a number with a ‘#’. ex: 2448089# would dial 2448089 on the appropriate trunk (see Outbound Routing)

Extensions without a ‘#’ will not ring a user’s Follow-Me. To dial Follow-Me, Queues and other numbers that are not extensions, put a ‘#’ at the end.

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