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Enable disable extensions for external calls

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(Claudio Pelosi) #1

I need to create a button for each extension that allows me to enable and disable each extension to use the trunks to make calls, while remaining active for internal calls

to do it I thought of “AMI” to be called with php I searched for “AMI” commands, but I did not find anything yet

someone gives me an indication

thank you

(Claudio Pelosi) #2

after a few checks I believe that I will be forced to change the asterisk database with queries in order to change the outbound routes according to my needs …

obviously the changes to the tables will have to be done in the correct way …

I think this will be enough to restart the configuration of asterisk with the command (rasterisk -x “core reload”)

what do you think?

(Dave Burgess) #3

It seems to me that there’s a commercial module that handles this for you. Have you looked at that?

(Claudio Pelosi) #4

Interesting, I did not find this form
If someone knows it I would rather pay a few Euro than having to become crazy …
The fact is that it should then be integrated into my software and then I should access the “API”

(Dave Burgess) #5

Sounds like exactly what you are asking for.

(Itzik) #6

There’s another Commercial Module that does that, more expensive, but also has more features.

(Claudio Pelosi) #7

interesting, I will evaluate.
The fact is that I would like the function to be integrated into software that I wrote some time ago …

(Dave Burgess) #8

Talk (in private messages) to Sangoma. They might be willing to set up something “strategic” with you.

(Claudio Pelosi) #9

really…? wow, I can try …

(system) #10

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