Enable call back in Comedian mail

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n00b question : how do I enable callback into comedian mail ? [FreePBX13]

I put “default” in the callback context, but it is complcated : have to go to 3 (advanced options) then 2 then one. How do I enable it next to delete after the message has been listened to ?




callback This specifies which dialplan context to use to call back to the sender of a message. The specified context will need to be able to handle dialing of numbers in the format in which they are received (for example, the country code may not be received with the caller ID, but might be required for the outgoing call).

You do not have a ‘default’ if the CallerIP can be dialed directly, use ‘from-internal’

from-internal is the first thing I tried.

It offers me options 3,5,7,8. It works in the advanced options (3,2,1); the users are asking me to move it to the main menu.

You will need to modify app_voicemail.c in the apps subdirecory of the asterisk source code appropriately, then recompile and install the new version.

Thanks, I will put a feature request.I’m surprised this has not come up before, lots of systems offer the option to call back right after listening to a voicemail (without going into advanced options).

That ‘feature request’ should be directed to Digium, my expectation is that it would be rejected out of hand though. it would change the behavior of ‘comedian mail’ which is in use by millions of users over decades and necessitate all of use to cleave to you alone. but any competent c programmer could do that for you in a couple of hours.

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