Enable an alert when an extension becomes free

Hello everyone!
the title says it all ^^
On my older PBX system (3CX) i was able to make an internal call and if it was busy i was able to choice to active this funzion or not.
Essentially i just want to be able to call someone in the office, if she/he is actually busy i press a button on my phone and then, ASAP the person is free, my phone will ring so i know i can call them back… is this possible?

i would assume that this is a configuration related to the phones and not to the FreePBX, but i really cant figure wich one it is!

Phone that i’m using are mainly Yealink TP 21 E2 (plus some snom300).

Thanks for your time and help,

That is 100% a PBX level function. Depending on the method used the crux of it is basically, Alice calls Bob and Bob is busy. Based on the BUSY status of Bob, the system “holds the call” and/or monitors Bob. When it see’s Bob’s device is NOT_INUSE it will trigger a call to Alice and when she picks up it will trigger the call to Bob and connect them.

There is nothing in the “free” version of FreePBX for this. Not even in the commercial modules. I’m not sure about things like PBXact since that is a 100% commercial based solution but I’m going to guess it doesn’t either. It might but the free download ISO of FreePBX will not have anything for this.

You will need to write it.

What you’re describing is called Camp-On (or CCSS) in Asterisk/FreePBX. It’s a deprecated feature, but the old FreePBX module still exists and may work for you.

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Really thanks for the helpful answer, appreciate! I will test it out and figure out if i can achieve what i need, Regards! ^^

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While CampOn might seem like a useful feature, it was (in practical terms) a bit of a nightmare to get right. WIth local extensions, it’s probably not too bad, but it was also used for outbound POTS calls, and that was fraught with problems. Be sure to keep us posted on how it goes.

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The module does not to works at all!
As i said, i’m not an expert, so below are the steps that i’ve done…

  1. enabling the Camp-On module from Advanced Settings
  2. enabling the “call completion” on my yealink phones
  3. cheked the extensions options (everything seems to be okey)
  4. after some fails i tried, uselessy, to change “campon” settings under the " Feature Code Admin" page

From what i found out on internet, after discovering the name of the feature, its just clear that its deprecated (as u already said) and just doesnt work

tbh i actually dont get why its abandoned… the feature its suuuper handy, It seems very strange to me that there are only a few people who need it!!

Anyay, thanks for your time and help,

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