Enable *47 BLF Hint for Calls Waiting in Queue

Solved this one! Yay!! (posted in Spiceworks, copied here)

NOTE: See following post, something messed up the way the lines of code displayed in this post, placing the * in the wrong place. Also, it has been pared down by a helpful contributor.

Placed the following script into the file “extensions_custom.conf”

then click Save and Apply Config.

Note: Our queue extensions are 600, 601, and 602, adjust these extensions in this script accordingly for your system.

Copy and paste this into that file:

; Begin Queues Hints
*exten => 47600,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(600))
*exten => 47600,n,Hangup
*exten => 47600,hint,Queue:600
; End of Queue 600 Hint
*exten => 47601,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(601))
*exten => 47601,n,Hangup
*exten => 47601,hint,Queue:601
; End of Queue 601 Hint
*exten => 47602,1,Gosub(app-queue-caller-count,s,1(602))
*exten => 47602,n,Hangup
*exten => 47602,hint,Queue:602
; End of Queue 602 Hint

The file can be edited from within PBXact/FreeBPX by going to Modules/Config Edit, then selecting “extensions_custom.conf” from the list on the left in the tree under the heading Asterisk Custom Configuration Files. Paste it into the field on the right once the file is selected.

The file is also found via CLI at /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf and can be edited with Nano or VI.

Then, moving on to the Grandstream GXP2160 and 2170 phones, go to Settings/Programmable Keys/Virtual MultiPurpose Keys, then press Edit VPK,

  • Mode: BLF

  • Account: Account 1 (Probably doesn’t matter for this)

  • Description: Something that makes the most sense for your users as it will be displayed on a screen

  • Value: *47xxx (put your queue’s extension number in for the xxx)

Now, when there is a call in the queue this button will flash red. If an Agent is Paused or has Logged Out the flashing will remind them there is someone waiting. Also, it will flash when they are on a call when another is waiting in the queue.

This should work with any other phone that offers programmable BLF as an option.

Haopy Trails!

OK, so I fixed this formatting for you because how you had it formatted before the * was not visible for your dialplan. Formatting is very important when you are posting things like this. People will look at this and see if formatted in a certain way and try using it.

Additionally, nothing in the app-queue-caller-count looks for ARG variables so setting the queue number as an ARG for the GoSub() is pointless. Nothing will look at it.

This would also currently exist in your dialplan:

exten => *47*600,1,Set(QUEUE=600)
exten => *47*600,n,Goto(app-queue-caller-count,s,1)

That is already doing most of what you want in your custom config so you should follow that and in your custom context just add what is missing, the hints.

exten => *47*600,hint,Queue:600
exten => *47600,hint,Queue:600 ;If you want to use your format.

exten => *47*601,hint,Queue:601
exten => *47601,hint,Queue:601

exten => *47*602,hint,Queue:602
exten => *47602,hint,Queue:602

So this is all you would need to add to BLF if the queue is in use or not.

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