Hi every body

I had to move a physical to virtual Server. On the old one i had DIgium 4xPRI card. Throgh ZAPTEL i received the zap/g … channels for dialplan usage. As far so good. Now i got the problem, that 1.) the Voice Provider does not provide ISDN anymore and provided us a SIP Trunk.
Anything works fine so far. BUT my customer bought a software years ago that has hardcoded in it to do outgoing calls through the zap/g1 channel group. as i cant provide ZAP channels anymore, and as i cant change the calling software so easy i stuck now.

My question:
Is there any possibility to emulate ZAP Channels? my thought was to provide “simulated” zap channel and redirect it on its incoming context directly to the now configured sip trunk.

any idea?

thanks michael

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