Emulate DTMF from Extension

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(Jerry Riggin) #1

On FreePBX 15, I have a web page for CRM that has button for Attended Transfer (executes AMI Atxfer) and Cancel (Executes AMI CancelAtxfer). These work fine with asterisk 13 or 16. My problem is I want to put a “Merge” button on it so agents don’t have to do everything with the web form except press *3 on their soft phone to merge all parties in a threeway. There is apparently no AMI command to execute this function.

I have tired AMI PlayDTMF on the extension channel (ie SIP/1004-00000039) and on the queue channel (ie Local/1004@from-queue-00000024;1) with every possible combination of DTMF modes: rfc2833, inband, sip info and auto. I can hear the DTMF tones, but Asterisk ignores and the merge never happens.

So, does anyone know how I could either:

  1. Get Asterisk to react to the PlayDTMF *3 via AMI
  2. Use some other means to emulate the extension dialing *3.

This really has me stumped. Asterisk used to react to the PlayDTMF back in version 12. I think that was Asterisk 11. (See this post.)

(Joshua C. Colp) #2

PlayDTMF does not mean “make it as if DTMF was received from this channel”. It means “send DTMF to this channel”. It likely worked in the post you linked because it was being done to the “;2” part of a Local channel. This would result in DTMF being played to the “;2” and then due to the way Local channels work it would then appear on the “;1” side as if DTMF was pushed.

(Jerry Riggin) #3

Thanks, @jcolp! That led me to how to fix it, but now I have to send it down the ;1 leg to make it work. Not sure why that is but it works now.

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