Emergency Incoming Call To Group Conference

Here’s the situation we are trying to solve, I hope some of you can come up with a proper solution.

A group of camp directors in a remote area are working together to manage emergencies as they arise, they have a need to be able to jump on a conference call in emergency situations.

The situation would not allow them the freedom to alert everyone to call in to the conference room, rather the proposed solution would be where there’s an emergency number, let’s say 212-911-9111, when any of the directors dial that number (can add a whitelist or pin for security) the following happens:

  1. He’s automatically joined to a conference
  2. The other camp directors now receive an incoming call
  3. When they answer they are greeted with something like “Emergency conference in effect press 1 to join”
  4. By pressing join they are immediately in the conference
  5. if they don’t answer the call a certain number of retries can be set.

The commercial Conference Pro would be the first place to look.

Doing it from the GUI isn’t really a thing without it.

If you want to write it yourself, that’s possible, but it would take some time.

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