Emergency Calls - P-Asserted Identify Header

Hello - I hope everyone is ok?

I was wondering if someone can help please?

Our outbound routes set the correct caller ID for each site. This works great when calling land lines and mobiles.

However when we call the emergency services, the correct Caller ID isn’t used and they see the default caller ID for our trunk.

Our SIP Trunk provider say this is due to the P-Asserted Identify Header no being set by the PBX.

I was wondering if anyone can assist with this please? Below are the settings on our Trunk.

Thanks for any help.


Can anybody help please?

One approach would be to set up an Emergency Line trunk, set the Caller ID on that trunk, and override the extensions and outbound route.

You can search the forums for “PIA” in the past couple of days, you should see some information on settings the PAI header on the Caller ID.

I will give the suggestion made by lgaetz a try.

cynjut we have a number of sites so would want to avoid setting up a trunk for this. I will give gaetz suggestion a try.


Thanks for the help, much appreciated.

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