Emergency Call Announcement

Greetings all. When I set up an outbound route that includes a paging notification, at the end of the page announcement where it says who is placing the call to 911, it connects the call so the members of the page group can hear the call in progress. I was wondering if there’s a way to hang up instead of listening in to the call in progress.

I want to present both options if possible to the powers that be and see what direction they would prefer, but I wanted to see if the “hang up” option was a thing before I suggest it.

In addition, but less important, if I try to play a recorded announcement either before or after using the Alert Tone settings (the wrong way) or Page Announcement (I thought the right way), the Asterisk lady talks over the announcement with who called and what number they called. I am okay abandoning my plan of saying “an emergency call has been placed” or “a silent alarm has been activated” if that’s just the way it is. But I figured I’d double check.

For reference, I am on the latest version of FreePBX -, and Paging Pro - 16.0.10.

Thank you all!
~ Kyle

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