Emergency Broadcast Using Paging

In our first aid room we need to setup a phone with a speed dial button to send a page of a pre-recorded announcement as a page company wide. This would be used to get someone’s attention in the event that someone gets hurt and needs first aid assistance.

Ideally we would like the page to play over and over until someone dials a code to acknowledge and disable to company wide page. Also, we would like the mic on the phone initiating the page to be muted so sounds from within the first aid room can’t be heard over the page.

I have a page group setup, i just need to figure out the endless loop with acknowledgment as well as how to disable the mic on the phone initiating the page.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Most of the channel drivers have something called “immediate” mode - as soon as the handset is lifted, a call to a specific destination can be initiated. DAHDI and Chan-SCCP-B drivers both have these (for sure) and I think Chan-SIP and PJ-SIP both do as well.

This sounds like a custom context set up to read an Asterisk Variable (set by another custom context) that just loops until the code is set. Make the context the one for the “immediate mode” phone and the page will start as soon as the handset is lifted. With a little creativity, you could probably also set it up so that the emergency phone hung up as soon as the page started (thereby muting the handset).