Emergency after hours pager script?

anyone have a working pager script they use for an after hours emergency mailbox for say an on call technician? in this case the one built in freepbx wont work, has to be a numeric pager

I modified a cell phone notification script for asterisk 1.2 but don’t have a clue on how to make it work with asterisk 1.4

caller leaves a message in a mailbox, asterisk dials the pager number with a notification


Most paging companies have an email gateway that you can send messages to the pager from an email address. Even though most people use if with alphanumeric pagers the gateway will work fine for numeric pagers also. Simply constrain the message to be numeric in the subject field of the VM notification.

Since you can only have one VM notify header this will mess up everyones email headers on VM notify.

Are you using a SIP or a Zap trunk?

If you are using a ZAP trunk there is another alternative, there are several scripts that dial a number based on VM status. While you can’t use the FreePBX phonebook to enter special characters into the DB you can use the asterisk CLI to setup a speed dial that uses the wait, sends the DTMF digits and then a # to tell the paging system hangup.

There are several postings regarding this at Nerd Vittles forum.