Emergency 911 CID For Extensions Outside Primary Office

Our office primary DID is configured within our SIP provider as the Emergency CID so if someone in our office at an extension dials 911, it transmits our primary DID as the CID which matches the e911 address on file with our SIP provider. That works just swell.

However we have 3 employees who work from home and have a SIP phone in their home office. Each of the 3 outside the office extensions has their own DID assigned to them from our SIP provider.

If one of those 3 employees calls 911 from their company SIP phone, we need to make sure the 911 operator is getting their home address and NOT our primary office address.

We have our SIP trunk setup within FreePBX to use our primary office DID as the CID for the trunk - +15554443333

I noticed in the (?) under General > CID Options for the trunk that it says

“Determines what CIDs will be allowed out this trunk. IMPORTANT: EMERGENCY CIDs defined on an extension/device will ALWAYS be used if this trunk is part of an EMERGENCY Route regardless of these settings.”

Since we have each of our offsite 3 employees extensions setup with their own DID, do we simply need to register their home addresses with our SIP provider for emergencies and once done, if they call 911 or 933, their extensions CID will be transmitted through the trunk in which their extensions are assigned to? Basically overriding the CID set at the trunk level. 911 will see their CID and the primary office CID. I just want to make sure I’m understanding what the (?) tip said correctly.

Thank you!

911 locations are tied to the phone number that is calling 911. You would need to get them their own DIDs to register their home addresses as the 911 location. If your provider supports Off-Net E911 and they have home phone service you could possibly send their home number as their 911 number.

Either way, you’re going to need an Outbound Route for each of them that has their CallerID for 911. Or you set their Emergency CallerID field to their 911 number and just send them out the same route/trunk (neither of which would have a CID set on them.)

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