Emdpoint cannot enable or install

I have not been able to make the endpoint module install or stay enabled. It always reverts back to disable and install. It is located in the modules directory. I have tried removing it and re-adding it to freepbx via gui or fwconsole to no avail. I have also purchased the module with no success. Every time I try to enable or install it, it only comes back with migrating messages like this one

Installing endpoint
Migrating from old DPMA to new DPMA scenario so disabling EPM as of now to avoid existing DPMA configured D phones to go down abruptly.

Please refer this [wiki page]…?pageId=191140058#EPM-DPMAforDigiumPhones(NEW)-MigratingfrompreviousEPM+DPMAtoNewDPMA) to follow the migration steps or contact to sangoma support. Configured D phones will continue to work as long as its up, if D phone reboot happens then phone will not be able to work.

it’s strongly recommended to do the ‘migration process’ asap.’

There are no errors in the apache logs other that something about rtapi.

Any thoughts?

See the instructions in the link shared during the install:

In order to confirm you want to proceed with the migration from old DPMA settings to new, you must run the command:

touch /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/forceinstallepm

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