Emailing of Voicemails and FreePBX emails

Running Centos 5.5
FreePBX core on framework

None of the FreePBX services successfully sends an email.

What I mean by successfully is that I do not get any voicemails, update prompts or backups that can be configured to send via email.

From a unix prompt I can send emails okay, just not FreePBX generated emails.

The server is using Postfix and configured to send all outbound emails via ISP SMTP server. As I say, this bit works fine.

Please don’t tell me it only works with Sendmail as one of the other applications that is configured for this solution can only work with postfix!

If that’s the case, does anyone know if there is a workaround?

Really please to get any help on this.

Kind regards

Simple when you think it through!

A recent yum update changed the permissions on /var/spool/asterisk.

The system was unable to write the file. As I have it set as Send & Delete (dangerous for this reason!!) I didn’t notice!

Changed permissions with a very large sledgehammer to 777 recursively.

Hope this helps others.