I am using Fax-to-Email feature of FreePBX, i am looking Email-To-Fax option with freePBX, kindly update is it possible to have this feature with FreePBX?
kindly contact me on my email [email protected] if anybody have this type of solution. thanks.


Yes it has that, its built in and is a checkbox on the extension with a field to put the email address in.

You are looking to send a email and have that email converted to a fax and sent out correct? If so I am not aware of anywhere this exist mainly because it is extremely PATENTED and any developer would be crazy to build such a feature and be sued to kingdom kong.

What’s extremely patented?

I wrote an e-mail to fax converter years ago, but it runs on OS/2 using a no longer supported mail server and a no longer supported fax app, so it’s not much use any more :wink:

I remember doing this nearly 20 years ago… surely the patent has run out by now!


I am not a lawyer but simple patents searches show lots of lawsuits on email to fax and all things around faxing and store and forward which is what email to fax does. We have chosen for this reason to stay out of any type of email to fax.

Anyone is free to build such a app for FreePBX but as a project we will not be building or including one.