Email Sent from Event Trigger

I have a need to send an email if someone enters my IVR and exits or terminates the call before reaching a live person (extension). Scenario - User calls in to my phone system to speak to sales. User hangs up before talking to someone or user exits the IVR. I want to send an email to my sales team that they have missed a possible lead and include the potential customers caller info so I can pass it along to them so they can return their call. Can I get some help pointing me in the right direction?

PBX Firmware:

PBX Service Pack:


I’ll try:

I have no idea if this is going to work, but you need to do something during the ‘h,’ part of your IVR context. I don’t have any code, and I’m not even sure it is going to do what you need, but that (to my simple way of thinking) is where your code needs to be.

There are a couple of “send e-mail in the event of so-and-so” in the system.

My thoughts - if you get to the “h,” parf of an IVR, it means that the connection is hung up. It works like the “s,” part (where ‘s’ is startup).

Look through your /var/log/asterisk/full file and see what happens when a call gets abandoned. That will tell you the context and phase you want to start looking in.

I’m almost certain this is going to be a “deep magic” change to the system. I don’t think anything anywhere in the current system is going to get you started on this.

Thanks a lot - this gives me a place to start! I appreciate the input!