Email notification for inbound calls

I configured an Extension 210 for incoming calls in a ring group , and i want to create script sends all these calls daily to my e-mail includes ( how many calls has been received on this Extension and the caller ID and time )

is that available !!??

i am using free PBX version 2.8.1 , Elastix version 2.2.0

my Regards

thanks Dicko , but i need all the received Calls on 210 be send one time at the end of the day to my E-mail , not the missed Call !

Then go and ask in the Elastix forums, we can’t support them authoritatively here :slight_smile:

If you care to use a modern and supported version of FreePBX, please ask again.

Thanks alot Dicko

You would think an engineer would be able to write a shell script to query the database and email the results to him.

Guess they’re not making engineers like they used to. When I was his age I got a parts bin a soldering iron, a van with no A/C in Florida was told to go and don’t come back until it was fixed. Now we pay engineers to ask questions on forums? I know people still know how to hack at problems.