Email issues!

Hi all, i’m currently having an issue with the FreePBX email notification system, the problem is as follows.

I have installed Webmin on the server, as I believed this would be the easiest way to setup the email settings that Linux would use. I have now set these correctly (or so I believe) and I get to the following Webmin screen and am able to send a test email from webmin, and I recive the email as I should in my email inbox…Great :slight_smile: (Image)

However, the issue is that when I go to the FreePBX config pages and I try and send anything over email i.e. a small backup file (i.e. small CDR lists e.t.c.), a small voicemail message, system update notifications e.t.c I will simply not recive them in my email inbox, has anyone had this issue before? Or is anyone able to suggest any further changes that need to be made?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


our voicemail notifications get swallowed by gmails spam filter…

I think I am going to put in about 10 macro keys. It’s always the same answers.

Check the logs.

In CentOS they are in /var/log

The mail log is highly obfuscated in a file called maillog

How do you have your e-mail settings configured?