Elastix with DDBB

I have been testing Elastix but I don’t know if this feature can be done:
-Can I link Elastix with my DDBB in order to check a column with phone numbers and depending if a incoming call CID matches with one of the DDBB provide an special destiny?
I have no clear if can I link Elastix with a DDBB in order to provide routing rules.

It might be better to ask this on the Elastix forum. By the way, what is DDBB?

I think he meant DRDB. Since he was in the wrong place we can’t expect him to actually say what he wants to do? These are the most frustrating of posts.

It would be like me walking up to an aircraft mechanic and saying “can I fit a 540 CI engine in?”

While I am sure with the proper engineering and money it could be done.

Same thing with these type of questions, I want to almost always post.

1 - You can install any Linux software on your server as you want. After all Asterisk and FreePBX are native Linux Apps

2 - If you are talking about configuring it to share information and work in an integrated way with FreePBX? - FreePBX provides numerous API’s that a qualified programmed could use to interface just about any system.

3 - We will usually help if you make a solid attempt then ask a specific question that actually has a definable scope.

If you don’t know where to start I am not sure to help. I am not in possession of secret “step by step guides for folks that don’t know Linux” just like I have never seen “Brain Surgery for Dummies”

I was actually thinking he meant DBMS rather than DRDB. At least that makes more sense if I read the rest of what he wrote properly! But then again who knows!?!?

Yet possibly macbeto did indeed mean DDBB

In which case macbeto, “yes you can” do all that with the various db’s in asterisk/FreePBX, but it won’t be easy and you will have to better understand what you are working with before you proceed. You will need to be conversant with sqlite3/mysql and odbc interfaces to explore what you are working with and how to extract/inject your key data. Good luck we would love to follow your progress.