Elastix calls recorded file format


Call recordings works in Elastix 1.6 like charm. However; every call no matter from/to which extension goes to one place: /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and the format is not usefull. Is there any way to change that format like
extension/ date/ to/from phone number ?

Thank You for any advices.

It is FreePBX and file format between extension is 20100505-071523-1273061723.25.wav this is not usefull format when I call ext 102 from 101.

The nice should be FROM TO DATE

I have been trying to paste into RUN AFTER RECORD:

mv ^{MIXMON_DIR}/^{CALLFILENAME}.^{MIXMON_FORMAT}^{MIXMON_DIR}//usr/bin/mysql -u root -peLaStIx.2oo7 -N -B -D asteriskcdrdb -e "SELECT calldate,'From:',src,'To:',dst,'.wav' FROM cdr WHERE uniqueid = ^{UNIQUEID}"|sed -s s'/s/_/g'.

But this gives me the same format and output.

Any help appreciate. Thank You for advice.

OK fixed that. It is working now.

WHen I try to copy from WInSCP the file 2010-05-05_09:42:45_From:_101_To:_102.wav
into Windows system, I have 2010-05-05_09%3A42%3A45_From%3A_101_To%3A_102.wav

Is there any way to fix that?

Thank You,


mv ^{MIXMON_DIR}/^{CALLFILENAME}.^{MIXMON_FORMAT} ^{MIXMON_DIR}//usr/bin/mysql -u root -ppassword -N -B -D asteriskcdrdb -e "SELECT calldate,'From:',src,'To:',dst,'' FROM cdr WHERE uniqueid = ^{UNIQUEID}"|sed -s s'/\s/_/ g'.^{MIXMON_FORMAT}