Elastix and Beta Freepbx Trunks

Does anyone know what changed with the Trunk Database? In my Elastix interface the trunks are no longer visible. Everything else seems to work but the trunks be recognized by Elastix.

Also I noticed when I did the first step of the upgrade and upgraded just the framework, the trunks were gone until I updated the rest of the modules, which indicates the Database was changed.

If the database changed does anyone know what changed? I don’t have an old structure so it is hard to figure this out

Any help will be much appreciated

I don’t know what Elastix might be doing outside of FreePBX wrt to trunks.

As far as what changed, the way trunks are stored changed significantly. They used to be derived form some global values stored in the globals table.

Now they are stored in a trunk table, and the global values, used by the dialplan, are all generated by retrieve_conf when the rest of the dialplan is generated, based on the information in the trunk table. There were also related changes with the trunk dial rules in where they are stored and how they are generated.

Does elastix have some trunk related GUIs outside of FreePBX?, that may be the issue - though these changes have been in SVN and present in 2.6 for many many months, they should have been well aware of them if they keep track of the project?

Well, I figured the structure changed significantly, so I am restoring to an image i have that is a month old, hopefully i don’t have much to get it up to date. Luckily its not a production server :slight_smile:

Yes, they use trunks outside of Freepbx pretty extensively with multiple modules. I would say the most important module they have is their Call Center module, it is essentially a built in Predictive Dialer.

A lot of their code is in spanish and I don’t know spanish so it is really hard to figure out, not to mention I don’t know much about PHP.

The good part is everything else seemed to work with the 2.6 BETA version. I just don’t know enough about it to help with fixing the elastix interface to work with the new trunk structure.

it’s too bad they don’t use the api calls from core to get to the trunks. That would be considered the ‘proper’ way to access the code, and the APIs were left working properly. We were very careful to make sure that was the case for outside users and other FreePBX modules that might be using trunks.

It’s also too bad they don’t keep an eye on the FreePBX progress. Everything is exposed in SVN and completely visible, and as mentioned, those changes are months old.

I have used every version of Freepbx under the sun. From Trixbox to PIAF to Freepbx by itself. I have also used Asterisk Gui, and the new Freepbx 3.0.

I would have to say, Elastix is the most complete package of all of them. A lot of the work for installing Hylafax and managing faxes is done, they have user permissions to change what is visible to each user. Its a pretty well thought out application, I hope they continue to support it. I would be happy to show you around my system if you wanna see it. Not sure how though, don’t wanna post my email for spam reasons.

I have my Elastix box running on a 512MB VPN server and it was pretty easy to setup and install. Believe that absolutely no telephony hardware. Gotta love the built in timing of the new operating systems.

Luckily the image I had was only a week old, so i didn’t lose much :slight_smile: hooorahhh, but be forewarned Elastix users don’t upgrade Freepbx until it’s available through the yum repo in Elastix.

I know Freepbx 3.0 is using Freeswitch instead of Asterisk. Is there going to be fax support, I believe when i installed and played with it I saw something with faxes. Can’t remember. And will it use hylafax or does Freeswitch have its own fax server?