EHS usage with Cisco 7960

Hello everyone,

I have been having trouble getting my Plantronics CS540 with the APC-41 EHS adapter to work with my Cisco 7960 IP phone using the SIP firmware. I read on cisco’s website that there should be an option to turn on the EHS support withing the phone settings when using a CUCM. Since we are using a FreePBX Asterisk Distro, and hence a SIP firmware, is this feature available, or will it be available in the near future? The HL-10 works with our system, but because of the background noise at the phone’s location, it plays havoc with the call quality and ring detect. We’d like to be able to use the EHS to provide the call quality and ring detection we need in this environment. If there is a workaround or any way to make this work, please let me know! Thank you!