Editing Extensions looses Custom Contexts in 2.5 ?!?


i have freepbx 2.5 with module custom contexts, installation from scratch and created 2 custom contexts.

When I edit extensions and choose a “custom context” and press Submit the Custom Context I have just chosen in the dropdown box is gone.

Is this a bug or a feature or what am I doing wrong ?


I am almost sure that the module custom context is not supported in 2.5.

technically it is “not supported” anywhere. However, plenty of users use it in 2.4 and I can’t think of any changes off hand that would have broken it in 2.5, although it is possible.

I’m using custom contexts in 2.5 and it works fine.

I bow my head and stand corrected.

I can now verify that cusctom contexts are working.
I was expecting that the select-box custom context would show the selected context as selected after saving.
Instead it copies the context to a text field 13 rows above the custom-coitext select field.
So it was more or less a user error…

This seems like some really bad UI. I’ll see if I can fix it if I get some time.