Editing EPM __dialplan__ variable?

I found this page that describes all the variables that are used in Endpoint Manager.


But how do I edit the dialplan variable to make changes to the dialplan?

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Your question makes no sense, there is no EPM variable __dialplan__. What are you trying to accomplish.

Sorry, I meant dialpattern

I need to change this


to this


for all the Cisco and Aastra phones that I have.

Basefile edit for Cisco SPA shows

<Dial_Plan_1_ ua=“na”>dialpattern</Dial_Plan_1_>

So I figured I needed to change what the dialpattern variable represents. How do I do that?

As far as I know, all templates for all manufacturers allow you to enter/modify the dial pattern directly in the template. If you feel like you must do it the hard way, you can use the EPM Basefile editor to override the settings generated by EPM: