Editing Calendar event loads wrong

So I created New year’s day and set it as a yearly reoccurring event. All good.

Except when I clicked to edit it to add a category I forgot, it said daily and I did not notice. Clicked submit, and boom, it was daily. Edited it again, changed it to yearly and submitted, and it fixed it. It is correct in the database.


But every time I open it now, I see daily.

Purged the browser and it loads correctly. I run Firefox on Fedora 29+Cinnamon. I do not typically have problems with the browser caching weirdly.

Has anyone else experienced this?

So now it’s fine or you have to purge each time?

Definitely not fine, but not everytime either.

After fixing it, I clicked it again. It loaded fine. Clicked close.
Clicked it again, fine, closed.
Clicked a different event, it loaded fine, clicked close.

Clicked New years again and now it shows weekly.

Edit: If I only ever click New Year open and closed, it is always (well after 15 times) correct.
I clicked the business hours which is in the DB as Weekdays (M-F) it loaded poorly.

Only ever found this because I am writing instructions for a client and I keep going in and out changing and taking screenshots.

calendar v14.0.2.18
calendar v15.0.4.8

Updated to edge and it seems resolved.

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