Editable source code

Source code that was used to register SIP account

Could you explain more clearly what you are trying to do and why. Also please change the subject so that the scope of the source code is more clear.

Register has a specific meaning in SIP, and it doesn’t relate to accounts, even though the address of record being registered is often a function of the name of an account with an ITSP. If you are talking about the code that implements that at runtime, that is part of Asterisk, and as it is a developer question, you would want the developer mailing list, or IRC channel, or it is part of PJSIP, which is a separately maintained project, and will have its own support channels.

The purpose of registration in SIP is to tell the registrar where to send incoming traffic, in cases where that is not fixed. Although often used as a pre-requisite for sending outbound traffic, SIP is able to authenticate that without prior registration.

Current source code for both Asterisk and the open sources parts of FreePBX can be found on github. The same is probably true for PJSIP, but I haven’t checked.


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