Edit Voicemail Folders

Is there a way to edit the voicemail folders? I would like to either edit the names of existing ones, or perhaps just create new ones and remove some of the existing ones.

Hello, found this entry by googling this exact issue.
Tim, did you ever find out how to edit/add folders under the voicemail?

The directories you are limited to use/create/move messages to from the voice menus using the left hand number , are:-

1 - Old
2 - Work
3 - Family
4 - Friends
5 - Cust1
6 - Cust2
7 - Cust3
8 - Cust4
9 - Cust5

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MDIT, if I remember correctly, the research that I did indicated that these were essentially fixed. As of yet, I have not found an acceptable solution for my use case.

dicko, how do you access/enable the “CustX” directories through FreePBX?

Generally you don’t, it’s all done through asterisk’s built-in voicemail() and voicemailmain() commands.

If you want to do that external to Asterisk you will need to understand how the ordering,naming,content and moving of the files as voicemails are processed. Best suggestion is to read app_voicemail.c in the source code.

If you just want to change what “comedian mail” says then that can be done by changing the vm-*.* audio files in the /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/* structure