Edit/remove outbound routes

I am relatively new to FreePBX.

I created a number of outbound routes for an earlier, now removed trunk, which I now realize are clashing with each other making the new trunk unusable.

After I created a new trunk, under SIP setting it says in use by “6 routes." I did not assign any outbound routes to the new trunk. If I go to Connectivity>Outbound Routes page. It show zero (0) outbound routes, so I cannot delete or edit any of them.

If I attempt to access MySQL directly using the instruction I read on this forum I am get an error message and cannot access them.


  1. How can I quickly delete all these outbound routes? AND/OR

  2. How can I get these outbound routes to show up on the FreePBX OUTBOUND ROUTES PAGE SO I can directly edit/delete them.

I am using late versions of Asterisk and FreePBX.

Many thanks!

The command is:

select * from outbound_routes;
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