Edit paging/intercom to play longer beep or different file

Hi All

Have some el cheapo nortel 1535 and would like to change the page / intercom beep that is played when *80xxx intercom module is used. For the life of me I cannot find where to edit a file as is suggested here.

The post suggests modifying the functions.inc.php file, but i cannot find the file, i tried googling lots.

system is asterisk 1.4 at rentpbx, running free pbx

The end goal is to play a different longer sound (probably will upload a ringtone file) after the phone auto answers the intercom call as the phone does not ring before it answers, and any existing sound/beep that is played is probably to short to be heard.


2.6 is a bit dated, however…

if you look through the code you will notice that the beep is done by setting a variable called $doptions to A(beep). You will also notice there is a MySQL table called paging_autoanswer.

If you look through the code you will see that there are a couple options to override this. If you want the beep overridden for all phones on the system, then you can create an entry in that table where the useragent is set to “default”, the var is set to DOPTIONS, and then the setting is set to what ever options you want in the dial command, in your case, A(some-other-sound-file).

If you only want a specific type of phone to have this change, then you can put the what will be reported back as the useragent in place of default, you can be as specific as the phone provides since some phones have firmware revision numbers and models in their useragent, or you can be as general as you want. FreePBX will truncate the actual useragent of the phone to the same length as you have here.

One thing to keep in mind, in 2.10 we are making changes to the auto-answer that will affect paging but not necessarily intercom for this. It’s not final so there is some chance that in 2.10 some things may change here though probably mostly for paging and not intercom.