Edit pages taking 5+ minutes to load

I have an issue with my FreePBX 15 server.
going to the Extensions page takes moments, but trying to edit a specific extension will cause it to spin for 5+ minutes.
Developer options tell me that the very first call, to config.php, is the one that spins and burns for 5+ mins. then all the other items come back.

I tried reloading a spare server, and the base load worked fine, until loading my extensions and queues and load onto the box.

Hi @sholinaty Are you using latest framework release i.e. v15.0.16.67 ?

If yes then please raise jira at issues.freepbx.org and provide your system details for us to dig further.


currently on will have to schedule an upgrade.

Does the bug triage really happen on mondays? ive got an open ticket from a week ago that still has not been Triaged.

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