Edit pages taking 5+ minutes to load

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I have an issue with my FreePBX 15 server.
going to the Extensions page takes moments, but trying to edit a specific extension will cause it to spin for 5+ minutes.
Developer options tell me that the very first call, to config.php, is the one that spins and burns for 5+ mins. then all the other items come back.

I tried reloading a spare server, and the base load worked fine, until loading my extensions and queues and load onto the box.

(Kapil Gupta) #2

Hi @sholinaty Are you using latest framework release i.e. v15.0.16.67 ?

If yes then please raise jira at issues.freepbx.org and provide your system details for us to dig further.


(Sholinaty) #4

currently on will have to schedule an upgrade.

Does the bug triage really happen on mondays? ive got an open ticket from a week ago that still has not been Triaged.

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