Edit indications.conf File

Hi everyone,

Was just wondering if anyone knows how to modify the indications.conf file (responsible for the Call Progress Tones) without FreePBX automatically modifying the file back to the selection made in: Settings > Advanced Settings > Country Indication Tones. It can be changed and it works but once I reboot FreePBX it reverts back. The reason I’d like to do this is because I have some custom values I want in the file that by default are fixed and can’t be changed.

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As root

chattr +i /etc/asterisk/indications.conf

cheers :+1:

Well all that did is stop me from being able to Apply Config from the gui?

Thats unfortunate, maybe a Sangoma dude can help

worse case, set up an incron to restore it from yur file when changed

See a solution here.

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