Edit Extension Page Loading slow after update to Freepbx 15

We are running on the FreePBX Distro. I upgraded to v15 from v14 and everything is working well, except that whenever I try to edit an extension, it takes 11 seconds to load. I am at a loss what to try to get that back loading as quickly as it used to, and as quickly as every other page.

I have been running with F12 and I cannot see anything causing the issue, just config.php takes 11-12 seconds and then the whole page loads

I was thinking that maybe my database is corrupt and that’s causing a problem; but I’m having difficulty finding how to check the database in this version of FreePBX Distro

In my experience, limited as it is, a 10-second pause on the web interface is usually a DNS problem, in that the first DNS in your list isn’t responding.

You can check the MySQL database using the MySQL command “use database ; repair table ‘tablename’” where tablename is one of the tables in your database, or you can use (IIRC) ‘use database ; repairall’.


I checked the DNS servers and they are all valid and reachable by the Freepbx server.
I found this command and ran it: mysqlcheck -A --auto-repair
and it came back with “OK” on everything, so it doesn’t seem to be a database issue.

Any other thoughts on what to check? I can run some debugs if anyone can think of any that would help.


Just did some more testing…

Extensions page takes 345ms to load
Editing an extension takes 12 seconds to load

Loading IVR page 248ms
Editing IVR page 18 seconds

it seems to only be editing pages that are loading slow, and not all pages

Queues takes 3 seconds to load an edit page, not awesome, but tolerable.

I have now tried a fresh install of Freepbx, then backed up my old server and restored it to the new install. The slow loading is exactly the same.

So maybe there’s something being carried over? I’m not sure what else to try, a complete rebuild from scratch is not… ideal.

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