Edge Track no longer available?

I cannot seem to connect to the Edge track anymore. For the past couple of months, my modules say “newer than online” and I do have Edge mode and tracks turned on in advanced settings. It was working, as I did upgrade to edge a couple of months back to fix some issues, but now, for example, calendar was updated because of a fix and according to the FREEPBX bug site it was fixed in Edge version, but when I go to module admin, I have version, and it says its newer than online and I can only downgrade. It only displays one Track, the stable one. I have this issue with other sites too, I need to upgrade the calendar module to fix a issue but I cannot seem to get the edge mode to actually work. I have tried the fwconsole command too, “fwconsole ma --edge upgrade calendar” still says there is no update available. Thanks!

Ok, I have a update. It has something to do with Framework I have a system that has Framework, and it will let me upgrade everything including Framework to, but it seems Framework is stuck, as every system I have on I cannot upgrade any modules.

Are you on PBXact? If so, know that module versions are now “pinned” to only permit updates to QA’d versions.

Yes, but again, I have a system I installed in December that is on Framework and it will let me upgrade it to (On the stable track), along with a lot of other modules, namely calendar and endpoint. But the systems I updated to show no updates, including Edge. So why can I upgrade the modules on the system with but not on the system with Did Sangoma really cut me off at the knees by not allowing me to upload critical bug fixes that I asked for in the Bug Reporting site and they fixed and now I cannot upload the fix?? One of those is Endpoint v14.0.2.184, I cannot upload past Endpoint v14.0.2.182, but v.184 is QA passed, but it is not available. It fixed missing images for S505 phones.

Your knees are fine.

You will not be able to ‘update’ beyond the pinned versions, but you are still able to use fwconsole to download and install. I recommend that you wait until the recently published versions are QA’d and vetted for PBXact, but if you don’t want to wait you can:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall <rawname> --tag <ver_number>

If you run into problems, you can roll back to the current pinned version with:

fwconsole ma downloadinstall <rawname> --force

Awesome thanks! I didn’t figure there was not a way round that. They should mention that in the Bug report reply when they say to enable edge mode and update, as those with newer PBXact systems can’t do that anymore I guess. Thanks again!

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