Echo Cancellation Analog Cards?

Hello i have a question i have seen some TDM Cards with noise cancellation modules on the cards and some don’t have them but there is room on card for the module. dose the card really need that module how Important is it needed for the noise cancellation part? And what does it really do?

I think you mean Echo Cancellation. If you only have a couple of ports, you can get away with doing it in software, but hardware EC is normally much superior, and doesn’t add any CPU load.

hello xrobau Rob Thomas I’m sorry you are right it is Echo Cancellation. i was reading at the same time other thing on noise Cancellation as well. I’m looking to get a 8 Port Fxo Analog card for my setup i have right now 6 Analog lines And soon to setup my freePBX system on that. I have the freepbx system up and running i love it i been testing for a few weeks now to make sure it is working correctly. But i need to get a analog card this week for it. Have to save up some money for it. So it is time to get one.

The Sangoma cards (full disclosure: Sangoma pays my wages, but they also make very good analog cards) are good, and offer a Hardware EC Option, that I believe can be added on later, if you’re unhappy with the audio quality.

Speak to you local sales guy, at a guess?

Hello thank you. I’m unsure which card i do need. i do here great things about the Sangoma cards. But at the moment them cards are out of my reach. I’m on a tight Budget for money i put most of it in the system and phones. But Not realizing i need the analog card as well.

I did mange to find some Asterisk fxo cards on ebay for a good price of $89.99 said works with freepbx. And i did read online what i need to do to set them up so i did order one.

Hi Rob!

Unless this has changed recently, it cannot be added later, at least on the A200…

I guess if someone sent the card back to Sangoma it could be added but it’s not something that’s user upgradable…

I know someone who tried putting the EC module from one card to another (it’s actually pretty simple) but the card was not seeing it so something most likely has to be repogrammed on the card in addition to putting the EC module on the card.

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Well, there you go. I didn’t know that. Thanks!

You are welcome!

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Thank you all for the help and information it help me a lot i did mange to find a analog card 4 port that will work for my needs.