Echo after installing freepbx

I had asterisk 1.4.11 installed and running with sjphone and an spa-3000 with no echo. I backed up my sip.conf + extensions.conf and reinstalled the whole machine with asterisk 1.4.11 + freepbx 2.3.0rc1.

I now get bad echo. If I copy my backup extensions.conf + sip.conf into etc/asterisk the echo goes away but obviously that breaks freepbx.

Any idea why freepbx would cause echo?

Thanks in advance for any help.

check the difference in the sip.conf settings and put the ones that are not there in 2.3 into the appropriate sip ‘custom’ included file. I believe there are some jitter buffer settings that are or are not there that might effect it.

Thanks for the idea, but I tried that. The jitter buffer settings dont seem to have any effect. I have looked thru all the files sip.conf and extensions.conf include but cant find what is causing the echo.