Easybell outgoing calls fail with congestion while incoming work: solution

Hi Folks,

just in case somebody has similar problems:

if you run businesse and privat accounts with easybell Germany, they expect the outgoing CID to be like this:

examples for Germany:

<countrycode including leeding zeros followed by areacode w/o zero and number>

while the business account also accepts the local version

the privat account does not and but accepts a mixture, the international w/o leading zeros

took me quite some time to figguer that one out. It was a lucky hit. And easybell was a bit helpfull too. they have a very good customer support there. the support now investigates why its different on different account typs, and they will fix or update their fqa pages.

so if they fix this by kicking out everything but the 0049 version, and you dont have that in your pbx settings, you might discover your outgoing calls to not work any more in near future :slight_smile: sorry for that then.

regards Manne

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