Easy way to forward 800 to external number


I know I can use in the extension forward to external number, besides creating the new extension for 800 is there any other easier way just to forward 800 to external number?

Thank you

Please explain in more detail what you are trying to do.

Do you want to forward all calls received on a toll-free DID “an 800 number” to an external number? If so, set up a Misc Destination with the external number (exactly as you would dial it from an extension) and point the Inbound Route to that Misc Destination.

Do you want a call that was answered by an IVR to route to the external number when the user dials 800? If so, create a Misc Destination as above and set the IVR Destination for option 800 to the Misc Destination.

Do you want an internal user dialing 800 to be connected with an external number? That’s not forwarding; it’s just a ‘short code’ or ‘speed dial’. Create a Misc Application with Feature Code 800 that points to the Misc Destination.

thank you, thats what I need “misc destination”

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